Healthy Seasoning Arugula

Posted on Aug 23, 2013 in Healthy Seasoning Arugula

Healthy Seasoning Arugula

Arugula is a shooting star, it is very popular as a spicy ingredient in salads, pesto and wraps. We have recipes with rocket and tips for preparation.

Healthy Seasoning Arugula Healthy Seasoning Arugula

Healthy Seasoning Arugula

Rocket actually means for us, but most prefer to use the Italian name somehow. Arugula has become in the last years for us to star in the salad bowl. In Mediterranean countries, where the lettuce plant thrives particularly well because of the heat and sun, already loves to rocket much longer. Even the ancient Romans appreciated arugula, and also in Egypt, India and Sudan rocket has been known for centuries and popular.

The long green leaves with wavy jagged edge bring flavor and spice in any dish. The flavor is slightly nutty, spicy and hot. The taste feels like rocket to the sky. The strongest tastes rocket in the warm summer months, when the leaves have gotten sun. Rocket is our season from April to November.

Arugula Salad

Aragula Salad Healthy Seasoning Arugula

Aragula Salad

Arugula tastes great in salads. The leaves go with everything!

Arugula is a jack of all trades. Some like it neat, maybe just drizzled with a few splashes of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Of course, the aromatic leaves them particularly good in salads. Then they go with almost all the other ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, cheese, chicken breast, or even fruits such as strawberries or cherries. Try, for example, in the spring arugula and strawberry salad in summer or the arugula salad with goat cheese and cherries, great for guests to a garden party is our bread salad with mint, rocket and mozzarella!

Rocket fits wonderfully well to pizza and pasta! It’s enough to give a few leaves on the finished baked pizza or a favorite pasta dish. Super fast is our calzone stuffed with cheese and arugula. And rocket pesto pasta, we recommend: Instead of arugula basil mashed together with pine nuts, parmesan, garlic and olive oil and added to the hot pasta. A fine variation is our gorgonzola and rocket sauce to pasta.

Put arugula everywhere, where else you also use herbs or salads: spicy crisp as toppings on sandwiches, burgers and baguettes, soups or as a decorative on fine appetizers, salad as a side dish.

Arugula on pizza

Aragula Pizza Healthy Seasoning Arugula

Aragula Pizza

Rocket brings healthy seasoning: The leaves contain mustard oils, carotene and minerals.

Arugula: purchase, storage and preparation

Rocket should look for when buying beautiful green, crisp and not wilted or discolored. Arugula is best to use quickly – the leaves wilt very quickly. Longest stays fresh arugula, if you simply put it in a freezer bag or wrapped in a damp cloth and lays the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Good luck with the rocket two days then remains considerable.

Rocket from the field is often quite sandy. Also tends rocket that unhealthy nitrate to save, so you should cancel the stems generous and keep only the leaves. These then get into the pool with cold water and gently washed, possibly several times. Very long leaves then tear into small, bite-size pieces.

Note: There was the sensational case in a pack with rocket also the poisonous ragwort was found whose leaves look similar to those of the rocket. However, the ragwort leaves are hairy and solid, also taste so that you would notice the difference at the latest. Provides information including a merger of some arugula farmers from the Rhineland-Palatinate: IG quality rocket Palatinate.


Aragula Pasta Healthy Seasoning Arugula

Aragula Pasta

Arugula: Health

Rocket was already in the Middle Ages as well. At that time you guess its positive effects on the digestive system, the old Germans said the rocket a potency enhancing effect after. Scientific evidence is the high content of folic acid in rocket, the vitamin B group is important for pregnant women and generally supports the heart, circulation and memory. The mustard oils in the rocket to act against infections. Carotene and minerals complete the picture. Ideal: The combination of arugula with vitamin C-containing ingredients such as fruit

Like other rocket salad is also a real lightweight for our figure: 100 grams contain just 24 calories.